Sunday, September 11, 2011


We are placed in this body in a world and civilization built on laws. We have Gods law, which is written, in stone and in the Word. Then there is man's law, which is written on paper and in air, one is infallible, the other is dispensable. Christ is the Word and the law, which is eternal love and eternal mercy. Our Freedom is bought for us through His dyeing at the hands of men and their law. By believing in His promise of mercy we are set free from all thing on earth. On my trip to the cities of our country independence, I learned that "laying down our your life" or dyeing to self in a spirit of love is a price for freedom. The Eucharist is a constant reminder of the humility of God, the great witness of love, and the grace of receiving that love by the mercy of God, surrendering and gaining the gift of freedom from our sins. In our last century we have see that love conquers all evil and oppression. The Gospel came alive with the witnesses of love that marches under the banner of freedom. Gandhi, King, and Bl. John Paul II, and countless men and women in death camps, just to name a few, it was their perseverance motivated by love of God and neighbor that we can be reminded of the truth that love is the ransom of freedom. No oppressor can defeat Gospel Love. The Debt has been paid by the Blood of Christ Jesus. From His thrown of Glory He calls us to lift up our crosses in faith the we have already won against the forces of darkness because "His love endures forever."

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