Sunday, August 29, 2010


God told Adam: “From this tree of the garden you may eat; but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you must not eat “(Gen. 2: 16-17) As we know man indulges in the knowledge of good and evil, taking upon himself the liberties of his own will in disobedience to the Father. Then the Wisdom of God comes in the flesh, the new Adam, Jesus the Christ. Jesus tells us in the Gospel of St. Luke, “Everyone of you who does not renounce all that he possesses cannot be my disciple”(Lk. 14: 33) Our possessions are more then just material things, it can also be our ideas, our wants and our “needs.” In truth what we need is to abandon our own will for His. Detaching our selves from the world’s distractions. Detachment is a complete surrender in utter trust. True Obedience is abandonment to knowing, and entry into the abyss of Gods Love. Scripture tells us after Jesus left his Father House and returned to Nazareth with his family “He was subject to them.” This witness that our Lord leaves us show us the truth in its full mystery, that who ever humbles himself will be exulted, the Son of God must also live in true obedience. Jesus lives this obedience to the cross. St. Maximillian Kolbe writing to his fellow brother says this about obedience “see the greatness of man’s dignity conferred by God’s mercy. By obedience we surmount, so to speak, the limits imposed upon us by our weakness, we are made conformable to God’s will which in his infinite wisdom and prudence guides us to act correctly.” He goes on by saying that by wisdom and prudence we can render the greatest glory to God. Like Jesus we hang on our crosses crucifying our human weaknesses persevering to death. We should persevere like a mother giving birth to new life. Where nothing is compromised in birth, saving us in our pursuit is obedience from that which we came.

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